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Learn The Rules To Rule Social Media!

Learn The Rules To Rule Social Media!

An amazing infographic with the 36 Social Media rules that all digital advertising agencies wish their clients knew about!

Social media is a topic that you could study for years and still have serious gaps about best methods, etiquette, philosophy or the way it changes and evolves. Especially, if your involvement to social media networks, apart from your personal profiles, also includes the digital presence of your business. In this case, things are much more complicated and need professional planning and execution.


But before that, before you even begin to realize how difficult, demanding and risky it is to run your own social media pages for your business, before it is perfectly clear how profitable the means can be if done professionally, you must first take a look at the basics.

If one had to write the Social Media Bible, a single page could do; this amazing infographic!


The 36 Social Media Rules

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