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Social Media Marketing Latest Trends For 2014

Social Media Marketing Latest Trends For 2014

2014 seems to be bigger and more profitable in social media for businesses!

If social media is not a priority for your marketing plans then you should take a look at the latest facts and numbers for 2014 and reconsider. Social media is getting a lot bigger than predicted while social e-commerce is about to become the hottest trend or in other words, the norm.

As you will see in the following infographic which contains the latest and top trends for social media this year, content marketing and paid media is the most effective blend if you wish to have a serious advantage against your competitors.

Furthermore, you should consider starting working as a publisher. Being the media and providing businesses and consumers with interesting content, know-hows and insights can help you dominate your industry.

If you think social media is just something that will be forgotten after a while then think again and start building your presence. Our lives are more and more connected to social media in ways that yesterday didn’t seem possible or necessary. 

Apart from socializing, a few more factors give social media a great impact to our lifestyles. Mobile access, employee advocacy, governmental usage and social good are just a few aspects of how social media are involved and changing our lives and needs. On the other hand, you should also beware of digital rebellion and the concerns regarding the social media rise and our digital life in general.


 2014 top social media trends


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