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What’s Your Social Media Sin?

What’s Your Social Media Sin?

Commit the 7 deadly sins in social media and say goodbye to your business

We encountered a fun and very smart infographic on Social Media Today about how the 7 deadly sins when committed in Social Media could also kill your business. As in life, one should try not to be tempted by Evil and maintain complete purity of soul in order to thrive in social media. :) 

As with food, your followers have limits; cross them and your products will soon be like that once amazing ice cream that seems to have never left your fridge. And which now causes you feelings from annoyed to disgusted.

In relationships if you appear too needy, it is possible that you will not attract anyone. So will happen in social media. If you start chasing your followers, forcing them to listen and love you then it’s more than possible that you will end up dumped

Being really social is what users like in a page.  Don’t promote so much, be helpful and interesting too or no one will like you, plus you will soon have to meet three ghosts. :D


You did all that planning; searching and design just to have a “presence”? Nothing like that exists in social media, your profiles and pages are completely useless unless users see and interact with you every single day. Rest assured and be forgotten.

You think you did it? Got lots of likes and followers and that’s it? No one hits the top for long and there is no top, actually. In social media, time runs 10 times faster and that is the exact speed it may take to lose everything. Don’t rest on your laurels.

The customer is always right unless in social media. There, the customer is super right mainly because all your customers watch. On top, have a great customer care through social media and become the next love brand

As in life, envy is not social. You may envy those amazing social media pages around you but you can’t reach their heights unless working hard. Resist envy and do great pages!

Amen.  :)

Here’s the infographic that started it all:

7 deadly sins in social media

Source: Social Media Today

Do not be tempted to Evil and seek for a Good Social Media solution.

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