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Social Gaming Turns To A Massive Addiction And So Do Branded Games!

Social Gaming Turns To A Massive Addiction And So Do Branded Games!

Most are free, simple and addictive. They can be played with friends and they suck our time. What's in it for brands?

Candy Crush Saga, Dots, Simpsons, FarmVille, Sim City Social, Angry Birds, The Friend Game and the list never ends. More and more social games come up every day while the old ones always seem to have a brand new level to keep the addiction going. Through mobile phones and devices, users engage in social gaming for the biggest part of their online time.

Users seem to love social gaming especially if they can share the fun and achievements with friends or connections in social media. Of course, the term covers a very broad category but generally, a succesfull social game doesn’t have to be difficult, it just has to have an appealing interface and sometimes it can be played with one hand. The objective is irrelevant most of the times. You may just have to crush candy or throw angry birds as far as you collect points. As long as your score is shared with your friends or connections, it is published on your wall/blog/page and new levels keep showing up, you can’t quit.

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Source: Inside Social Games

Shared experience with friends or total strangers is what makes social gaming such a big trend nowadays. It’s major financial success and massive user’s engagement shows clearly the path for brands regarding social gaming. As it seems, branded social gaming is the next best thing. According to statistics, branded promotional games seem to help brands acquire new customers, increase brand awareness and drive traffic, fan engagement and actual measurable results.

Here is a list of the social gaming elements that make a branded game work best:

  • Appealing  interface
  • Simple and pleasant audio
  • Sharing via news feeds in social media is encouraged
  • Use of Facebook Ads to market the game
  • Charitable giving incorporation


Social games are about to dominate our social lives for a while. Brands not only need to play the game but also become the game. 

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