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Not Any Business App Will Do

Not Any Business App Will Do

Find out the secrets behind a successful and popular business app!

The numbers are clearly showing the way for all business owners who wish to get their online share in the market in the near future. Mobile is the only way.8,2 billion apps were downloaded in 2010, 17,7 billion downloaded in 2011, which went up to more than 800 apps per second or 2 billion downloaded apps per month on the App Store alone, during 2013! In 2017, the predictions rise the number to 200 billion downloads!

In case you have already decided to have a mobile app created for your business then the the following infographic will give you a clue of what works best and where you should start from. But first, you should be able to answer a few questions about your business mobile application.


Is an app a good idea for your business?

What’s your strategy? How do you want to connect with your audience? What’s your focus? You certainly don’t want a mobile application just to say you have one. If you want it to be efficient, successful, interesting and cost-effective, then maybe your new app should follow your strategy and not the other way round. An app is not a goal; it is just the means to achieve your goals.


Furthermore, if you can’t think of a way to serve your business plans with an app then what about an app that will have nothing to do with your business but will be fun or useful to your audience? Why just create an app that will offer nothing new to your customers and not create, let’s say a great game for them or their children that they can play for free? Or what about a map of your city or why don’t you sponsor an app that will display all emergency information in your area?


 If you don’t see how your business could directly be benefited by an app then create a useful app instead with your brand on it which will do a lot more good to your business than just one more useless presence to the mobile world.

In the following infographic you may see all interesting insights about what type of apps might work best for you and your business as well as all information for a successful app:

Does Your Business Need An App?


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