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Share Buttons. Build Your Website As Social As Possible

Share Buttons. Build Your Website As Social As Possible

Find out all the advantages of adding share buttons to your business website!

One of the most important elements for your business website is share buttons. Many website owners seem to miss the numerous advantages share buttons can offer and decide not to include any, while others think that share buttons are not useful if your business has no presence in social media.

In both cases, we try to explain how share buttons can help yourbrand awareness, bring traffic to your site and even offer you social media advertising and exposure for free!

be social

All following benefits can be measured from day 1, so if your content is interesting and relevant, you have nothing to lose by adding share buttons for a trial period and see if it works for you:


  • Your visitors expect to see share buttons in your business website. If you don’t include them, then your website looks outdated, suspiciously antisocial and with a lack of professionalism.



  • It is advertising for free and offers social media exposure especially if your business doesn’t have a social media presence! If you help your customers are speak about you in social media, then this is the best advertising you can get for free. Furthermore, you are present in social media without having to maintain and manage any accounts in social media networks!


  • It helps your website rank higher in search engines. The more your content is shared and mentioned online, the higher your rank and your position in search results. This, can bring you more website traffic and bigger online exposure.


  • It allows you to track what people are saying about your business! With share buttons, you get instantly informed of any comments your visitors made and give you the chance to answer and achieve unique online customer care! Furthermore, you have a clear picture of your business position in the market by knowing exactly how the majority of your visitors feel about your brand and services.



Our Web Design and Build solutions can help you build a modern, social and profitable website. Feel free to ask what we can do for your business!



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