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Avoid The Most Common Website Mistakes

Avoid The Most Common Website Mistakes

Find out what are the top website mistakes made by even the best and avoid them!

Common mistakes such as spelling errors, endless articles or not optimizing your website for mobile devices, are waiting to ruin your prestige and traffic!  

If your decision is already made and you are about to build or redesign your business website, then taking some notes of all the things that are important to you and your business that should be included in your website, is one of the two essential things to ask your developers team; the other is to learn what are the most common mistakes others did and avoid them! Or you could just listen to your team’s advice more.  :)


Avoid spelling, grammar or syntax mistakes
Be prepared to double check your texts before launching because spelling, grammar or syntax errors do not only show very sloppy work or even poor standards but also ruin the prestige and image of your brand against your competitors.


Avoid endless texts
Most business owners get carried away by the beauty of the means and think it is suitable to upload all the information they have on their services/ products/ industry/ company history. However, if you take a look at your website’s analytics most users stay at least a minute or two in your website. They should be able to find all information they seek in 1-2 clicks. Long texts will most possibly drive users away unless they are very very interesting. Ask the professional help of a web content developer to define whether your website copy is appropriate.


Avoid online ads
Unless you sell content, that is, if you are an online newspaper, magazine or portal do not display Google ads on your website. The extra money you will gain is a lot less than the damage they will do to your business. That is, because Google Ads are almost always related to your content so it is more than possible that your competitors will be the first to show on your website ads, plus you will ruin your image and prestige as well as your website aesthetics.


Avoid breaking rules
Or you are about to risk too much according to Jakob's Law of the Web User Experience: "users spend most of their time on other websites. This means that users prefer your site to work the same way as all the other sites they already know.” You can’t for instance, hide the Search button in the Contact page. Users expect to find it in the top right position of your pages. In other words, user's expectations are mainly based on what is done on the majority of the websites they visit. Unless you are Facebook or Google, do not try to break the rules or anyway, be prepared to pay the cost.


Avoid ignoring your mobile audience
Asking your web developers team not to optimize your website for mobile devices is like asking a doctor to give you half the treatment. Almost half of your online visitors (customers, future customers and the users that use solely mobile devices) will expect a mobile version of your website, especially if it’s a new website, and will move on to your competitor if you are absent in their mobile device. It is that simple and cruel.

If you can’t afford any mistakes to your new website our team will be happy to help build the best possible online presence for your business!

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