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How To Overcome Your Fears Of Exposing Your Business Online

How To Overcome Your Fears Of Exposing Your Business Online

The paradox of all the fearless businessmen out there who can’t overcome their fears of doing business online

If you wish to join the digital world, create a website and a social media identity for your business but you can’t overcome your fears about online dangers then read on.

You envy your competitors, you would love to create a website for your business and get your hands on digital marketing, social media, connect with your audience and increase your sales but you are so scared of exposing your business to all those online threats you hear about every day? 

Although fears can be very helpful and sometimes necessary, in this case you really have to overcome them because not having an online presence will soon do much more damage to your business than all those things you are afraid of! After all, most of your fears are irrational or unfounded and you really have no reason not to move your business forward. Let’s debug them one by one!

Websites, social media pages, digital advertising, I can’t afford all that!
Actually, you can. First of all ‘’you don’t have to see the whole staircase, just take the first step’’. ;) Start with a website and some ads and everything else will follow. Especially, when you will realize that what you spend on traditional advertising (magazines, radio spots and newspaper ads) is too much compared to digital advertising and the results are not measurable. In other words, the return on investment (ROI) is less than in digital media. And that is how you will be able to afford it plus you will spend a lot less. ;)

There is a whole globe of competitors out there!
You may not have the appeal and impact of huge brands online but your market share is there for you to claim and fight for it. After all local brands are much more appreciated by local users because they are personally connected to them. If your products/services and customer care are excellent, if your prices are competitive and if you have a satisfied client list, you will do great!

I will be attacked by hackers!

Yes, that’s a true danger but actually no, you probably won’t. Your website developer and hosting provider have taken precautions against that. Although most people believe that hacking (aka vandalization or being locked out of your website) is something that happens to everyone all the time, the truth is that hackers are not that many while most of them are not that interested in small-medium business websites. But anyway,in case you do due to a small security breach, the professionals involved will fix it before you even know.

I have no idea of computers!
Great! This could be a marvelous opportunity for you to start learning how to use computers, social media and the internet in general. These are not nerdy stuff or rocket science! Also, you really don’t have to even be a user to have and maintain a business website. Professionals can handle that with your instructions of course. Eshops, ecatalogues, social media pages, website content, everything can be updated by your employees or by professionals. Eventually, even by you!


Bottom line think of the internet as a parallel reality. If you’ve already fought your fears by successfully creating and keeping a business, then you have absolutely no reason not to let it move forward. 

Ask a professional how to give your business the best possible online presence!  ;)

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