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Webstudio – One Platform to Rule All Devices!

Webstudio – One Platform to Rule All Devices!

Your new website will be smart, flexible and visible to the widest possible audiences!

In case you have missed our previous posts,nowadays, a Content Management System (CMS) Platform is essential for a business to grow. But apart from the most important features of a CMS Platform, do you know what else can our Platform, Webstudio, do?

Build your eShop!
Most people think eshops are difficult to create or manage. Well, it is not when you’ve got the correct tools. Run an effective and impressive online store with unlimited freedom and an easy management of your products, orders, payments and customers!

Create your eCatalogue!
Since you already have a website why don’t you showcase your products too? Webstudio can help you create a virtual eCatalogue with exceptional control to keep an accurate, innovative ePublication and increase the brand value of your products.

Publish your newspaper online!
If your newspaper demands a feature rich and ‘’page-turning’’ platform then you may want to take a look at Kathimerini, the most historic and reliable newspaper of Hellenism and one the most indicative and successful projects of our platform.

Hook your magazine readers online!
Why don’t you join the digital era and help your readers read, share and talk about your content? Webstudio is a complete and tried solution in turning paper into unique and interactive experiences for your audience!

Have something to show?
Broadcast your videos through a unique designed platform that promotes culture and enables you to communicate your art and point of view in a broad audience without language limitations!

Need true streaming?
Deliver your message with the highest possible performance to any device out there. Live streaming is now easy by using webstudio’s multiple streaming technologies mix!

The digital hand of the law!
If you own a law firm and you need a rich and effective platform developed to serve your exact corporate needs, seek no further! Communicate your content and services to your customers as well as to people seeking legal representation using Webstudio. Most law firms did!

Financial services online!
If you keep a financial business and you are in in need of a digital tool that will be effective, customized and modern, Webstudio has a special solution for you. A platform developed solely for financial services that will reflect and enhance your professionalism, deep financial knowledge and trustworthiness giving you, at the same time, all the tools to keep your information and services up-to-date!

Or you could just take a look at our work and find out more! If you loved it, please say so!  ;)


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