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Why Have A Business Website?

Why Have A Business Website?

The less obvious reasons why you should have a website created for your business

You may still be among the business owners that aren’t totally persuaded that an online presence is more than crucial in order to increase awareness and sales. You may even not be willing to invest in money and time to create a website, at least for now, let alone if your business is going smoothly. However, you may have not thought this matter thoroughly. The apparent reasons for having a business website are only the tip of the iceberg; actually, only the white sunbathed tip of a huge iceberg just about to hit you. Because a business website is not something you can do without and not be very very afraid. :)

Here are a few tricky reasons that will either change your mind making it urgent to have a website created or at least will help us sleep at night knowing that you now know the whole story.  :)

True Blood
Family, relatives and friends will be your most passionate online brand ambassadors. They sometimes have proven so good for local brands’ reputation and awareness that they will most possibly do a whole better online job for your business than a social media expert.

Are you really doing so well offline?
You can’t claim to be proud of your business meaning your strategies, quality, prices and most of all customer care while in the same time you are not there for your clients where they spend more than half of their day and do most of their shopping for goods and services. Especially when most will search/speak/have questions for you.

You have given away your position in the market to your competitor(s)
No matter how competitive and good you are if you are not there, your competitors are free to take your share. And the more you don’t have an online presence the more money and time you need to take back your existing market share, at least. Not to mention a good page rank. Of course it depends on your industry and local market but maybe if you let a few more months pass without action, you may never be able to gain it back.

Cut down your costs immediately
Are you still printing catalogues, coupons, brochures and Christmas cards? Do you need extra catalogues for your new arrivals and you use put signs on your door for a flash sale? You are still paying for ads in local newspapers and magazines or even tv and radio? Think about all your costs and just take a look at the digital solutions offered. Because e-catalogues, mass e-mails, digital marketing and social customer care can do the job perfectly and even prove to be a gold mine without spending a cent on traditional marketing.

Boost your creativity and stand out!
If a beautiful shop décor or a witty ad in your local newspaper were things you enjoyed a lot, then the internet is going to be a playground. All those things you didn’t have the time or money to do in the “real” world can be done digitally and make you stand out. Think of your enthusiasm when you first opened your business and multiply it by a thousand to even begin understanding what you can do for your business online!

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