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What Are Your Digital Plans?

What Are Your Digital Plans?

Before setting your business plans and goals for 2014 maybe you should look at the latest infographics and most possibly start all over!

A fast changing world is something we are all trying to cope with difficulty but this really fast changing digital world is a impossible to catch up. Infographics are a marvelous way to fill the gap by giving you the top and latest facts and statistics that will at least help you realize if you are on the right path.

Have a look at the following infographics and you will soon realize that what you intend to do for your business this year regarding the digital world, such as social media and digital marketing, is probably so last year.  :)


Is LinkedIn in your marketing plans?
Did you know that LinkedIn when used by businesses has 3x higher visitor-to-lead conversion rate than Twitter and Facebook?

LinkedIn For Businesses

If you love email marketing as much as we do then you will also love these tips!
When is the best time to send your emails, how important is responsive design for your newsletters and what are the elements - apart from the subject - that contribute to your email’s success?

Email Marketing Infographic

Did you know that blogging is good for your business?
Take a look and start searching for bloggers:

Blogging For Businesses
Source: Buffer

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