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What Is Responsive Design And Why You Should Love It

What Is Responsive Design And Why You Should Love It

Responsive design is not the new trend in web design; technically, it’s the web design itself from now on

You may hear about it all the time, you may even want to ask your developers about it or you may not care one bit. The thing is, that responsive design is not just a trend that will go away sometime in the near future but the actual way all websites will have to be designed. That is, if you don’t want a different design for the iPhone, netbook, Blackberry, iPad, etc. 

In brief, you need a cost-effective web design that will cover every mobile device, all resolutions and probably all future devices, software and inventions and that is responsive design.

Until today it was at least impractical - not to mention unaffordable - for website owners to keep up with all new user’s behaviors, since in the last year the market is literally flooded with new mobile devices that keep upgrading and evolving their capabilities and uses. Since yesterday having a well working website in most browsers was an achievement for most businesses which consedering today’s demands sounds like a joke.

Responsive Web design based on orientation, screen size and platform, ensures that a website will respond to all user’s environments and behaviors. Websites designed that way, have the technology to automatically respond to any user’s needs and accommodate for image size, scripting abilities and resolution, all aimed at easy reading and navigation, regardless of device. This happens with the use of complex techniques including CSS media queries, fluid grids, flexible images and layouts.


2013 was called the Year of Responsive Design according to Mashable. As it seems, 2014, Responsive Design will just be the synonym for web design.

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